2016 Hawaii

During our two and half week trip we visited Big Island, Maui and Oahu. The weather was not always in our favour, on Big Island we got even stuck for one whole day in the hotel due to a hurricane warning, but nevertheless it was a gorgeous trip with plenty of opportunities for taking pictures.

It was my first long trip without a Nikon camera. As I expected mostly landscape images, I did not need the high speed of the D4, but preferred the large pixel number of my Sony A7R2. I only used two lenses, the 24 - 240 mm and the 16 - 35 mm. With this lenses I covered all situations during this trip and therefore could travel quit light weight, a good tripod was essential. As the A7R2 uses quit a lot of battery power I carried 6 spare batteries and did never run out of power.

With my four 64 MB SD-cards I had enough memory space. Back at the hotel I copied the images to my laptop and from there on to an external SSD. This way I brought all images back home safely.