about me

For 20+ years I’m using my digital camera for professional and personal reasons and this way I’ve collected quite a few images.

Some of those images I’m using as images for the desktop of my different computers and other devices and I like to change those images frequently. That’s why I thought that maybe someone else would like to use these images as well.

From time to time I’ll add new images to my collection, so keep on checking, if there is something new.

I started this project in August 2008.

In January 2011 and after several different versions of this website and a long sleeping period with no updates at all (from May 2010 until January 2011), I restarted this project with some different approach. Other existing images have been “banned” to the Textures section. In the Journal section of this website I’ll publish on a more frequent basis images with some comments.

In November 2011 again some changes. I used to publish this website to MobileMe using iWeb as authoring tool. But Apple has announced to stop MobileMe, migrating only some functions to iCloud. Publishing my iWeb website to another hosting service, I found out, that some features are not supported anymore, like leaving comments for instance. So I was in need for another tool to maintain this website. Following some videos at Kelby Training a came across WordPress with the possibility to personalize the look extensively using themes. My provider here in Switzerland is supporting WordPress and after some preliminary tests I decided to migrate desktop-images to WordPress. Actually migrating is the wrong word, I have to restart more or less from scratch, but I’ll try to copy/paste some content of the previous version.

Stay tuned 😉

Well, now in 2015 it’s time for a refresh. I’m changing the Theme of this WordPress Website, which is not as simple as I had anticipated. But I’m sure, once it’s completed, it’s worth the effort.

Last updated : 9th September 2017 (changed the image of this page to a more up to date one …  )