2016 Hawaii

During our two and half week trip we visited Big Island, Maui and Oahu. The weather was not always in our favour, on Big Island we got even stuck for one whole day in the hotel due to a hurricane warning, but nevertheless it was a gorgeous trip with plenty of opportunities for taking pictures.

2016-09-15 Santa Monica

On our way back from Hawaii we spent two nights in Santa Monica, using the opportunity to take photos of the famous peer. All images are taken with my Sony RX1R or A7R2. For the long exposure images I used my travel tripod and a cable release.

2016-08-28 Singapore

I spent 24 hours in Singapore on my way from India to Hawaii. I used this opportunity to take images during the day and in the night. All images are taking with my Sony RX1R or my Sony A7R2.

2014-08 / 09 USA

We started this trip with a visit to Chicago. After three nights in Chicago we flew the Phoenix, where we got our car and started our road trip to San Francisco. We visited many beautiful National Parks and Monuments, State Parks and other impressive locations. Arriving in San Francisco we explored parts of this magnificent city, finishing our trip visiting the Apple related places Mavericks Point and Cupertino.

2014-03 / 04 India

d-i-front-2014-03-29-AHI_4084 During this trip we visited Agra, Ranthambhore Tiger Sanctuary and Jaipur. From there we went on to Ahmedabad, Sasan Gir Forst and  Valevadar. Finally we flew to Pune and on the weekend we visited a fort close to Pune.

2011-02 Nal Sarovar

d-i-front-2011-02-06-AHI_2863 One day in February 2011 I arrived really early in Ahmedabad, shortly after 4 AM. Nevertheless my friends picked me up, we went for a refreshing breakfast at a good hotel, where we met the other family members. Then we drove about 60 km west of Ahmedabad, to what would become one of my most beautiful experiences in India. ...

2011-09 San Marco

d-i-front-2011-09-21-AHI_0549 Excellent weather, warm autumn temperatures, everything was set perfectly to celebrate an important birthday. Location : Hotel Parco San Marco, close to Cima di Porlezza, Lake Lugano, Italy

2011-02 Doha, Qatar

d-i-front-2011-02-12-AHI_4012 On my way back from India I made a short stop over in Doha, Qatar. Contrasts of extremely moderns sky scrapers and old buildings near market square, high-tech jet-skis and newly build but following old design luxury boats, ...

2010-07 Tokio

d-i-front-2010-07-15-_AHI8727 Together with my younger son I spent one week in Tokyo.

2009 New Zealand

A four week trip with the whole family visiting north and south Island of New Zealand.

2008-10 Paris

d-i-front-2008-10-16-DSC_8129 A few days in Paris ...

2008-03 Oman

d-i-front-2008-03-18-Oman 2008 139 The one week self driving tour through Oman was a wonderful experience. The sea and beautiful beaches, canyons almost as deep as the Grand Canyon, stone or sand desert, green oasis, everything can be found in Oman. Where ever there is water, there if life, but for many long stretches there is no water at all, leaving a hostile environment. At that time of the year the temperature was nice and no humidity, so excellent conditions for traveling.

2006-10 New York

d-i-front-2006-10-10-DSC_3846 With to whole family we visited Manhattan in October 2006, among other to see a NBA game and a NHL game, both in the Madison Square Garden. Fabulous !